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Seamlessly Customize and Control Your Entire Show In A Few Clicks!


Live Customization

Enables directors to adapt and tweak scenes in real-time to fit their creative vision for free.

3D Animated Projections

  Complement your production with rich, dynamic 3D visuals that make every scene come alive. 

Time Saver

Every full show projections package comes pre-programmed with script accurate cues for every scene in your show including all transitions. 

No downloading videos, importing, or setup required. Just log in and press go!

Automated Show Control

Integrates with lighting and sound systems for synchronized, automated control, reducing operator costs and errors.

Wireless Control Support

Control your show from anywhere in the theater using a variety of devices and protocols, offering you flexibility in your setup.

Voice Assistant

Customize and control your show effortlessly with our voice-responsive show assistant.

Cloud Backup and Restore

Work with peace of mind, knowing that your settings and customizations are securely saved and can be restored at any time.

Sound Cue Library

Easily drag and drop sound cues from our built in library into your show or import your own.

Introducing ShowOne

ShowOne is your window to seamless creativity and live customization. We invite you into a world where making edits to your digital scenic projections become a part of your rehearsal process. It gives directors and production teams the freedom to adjust scenes instantly to fit their creative vision and without the setup. Simply login and press go!

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Why Choose ShowOne?

Image by Matt Gross

Affordable & User-Friendly

  • Reduces Setup: Say goodbye to tedious import processes, complicated setups, and programming transitions. Our projections come ready to operate with our ShowOne app.

  • Budget-Friendly: Committed to aiding small theaters with free access to ShowOne.

  • User-Friendly & Show Tested: Rigorously tested and refined through real-world usage, ShowOne has been optimized for maximum ease of use. Benefit from a system that's been designed to ensure you can effortlessly operate and customize your show.

Time and Cost Efficiency

  • Skip the Middleman: Make changes instantly without additional costs or delays.

  • All-in-One Control: Integrate sound and lighting consoles, reducing operator costs.

  • Speed Up Your Process: No more having to redownload the projections every time you want a change. Make edits to the projections on the spot to suit your show.

Customization and Interactivity

  • On-the-Fly Edits: Alter scenes, adjust props, or change special effects in real-time, change transitions, update fade times.

  • Multi-User Collaboration: Teammates can easily collaborate on the fly from multiple devices.

Ways To Customize:


Watch as everything gets slowly coated with snow or trigger a thunderstorm right on cue when you need it.


Change the time of each scene to match the script or invoke a beautiful sunset or starry night for extra creative flare.


Instantly customize and interact with onscreen props. Need to remove that bed in the projections? Simply click on the bed and remove it!


From sound effects to special effects, we have everything you need from a shot buzzer for High School Musical to a roaring fire for the ballroom in Anastasia built in!


Use actions to tweak hundreds of other settings per cue. Want the door to swing open as you enter a room? Need to be on SR instead of SL? No problem!

Schedule a demo today to find out more ways you can customize your show!

Take The Next Step

Ready to redefine the boundaries of what's possible onstage? Click below to get started with ShowOne.

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