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First Time Setup

1. Please make sure your computer is connected to the internet via a wired connection before proceeding since the app is large (~50gb).

2. Please check for updates in Windows Update and apply any if necessary by pressing the Windows key, typing “update”, and then selecting the “check for updates” option.

3. Please make sure your graphics card has been updated recently (if the computer is relatively new, this is not crucial). The process for updating
your graphics card varies depending on the manufacturer.

4. Click on the link provided to download the latest version of ShowOne then press the blue "Download" button.

5. Once the download is complete, navigate to the location where you downloaded the file. This is typically the "Downloads" folder unless you chose a different location. Please right-click on the downloaded file then select “Extract All” from the context menu.

6. After clicking "Extract All..." or "Extract files...", a window will open asking where you want the files to be extracted. Choose a location other than your downloads like your C Drive, desktop, or documents folders.

7. Click the "Extract" or "OK" button to start the extraction process. This process takes a few minutes to complete, please make sure it is finished before proceeding.

8. Once completed, you can optionally right click on "ShowOne.exe" located within the fully extracted folder to create a shortcut on the desktop, then double click the newly created shortcut to start the app.

9. The first time you run the app, a pop should come up that says "Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app" - please click both checkboxes below public and private, then hit allow access.

Logging In

1. Login, please toggle the red X to a green check to save your password. This saves your info for ease of entry into the app. You can also reset your password by clicking on the yellow key next to the password field. This will send you a password reset email.

2. Upon logging in, your active shows should appear at the top of the screen, please click on the desired show if you have multiple shows in your inventory. If you have only one show in your inventory, it will be selected automatically.

3. Please click on the suitcase to load your desired show.

4. Click on the large and now unlocked button to enter the virtual set.


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