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Red Carpet Event

Community Theatre Connections Partnership Program

Apply now to get 40% OFF any projections in our inventory or 20% OFF custom projections for any new show for life!

Please Upload Photo of Auditorium/Seating

*By clicking apply now, you agree to receive communications from SLShowTech

Community Theatre Connections Partnership Program Policy

This new program is designed to provide smaller theaters and community organizations with access to our existing projection packages for a discounted price. It also provides a discount for creating new shows not in our inventory.

To apply for the program, theaters must complete the above application. Eligible theaters will be able to purchase any projections on our website for 40% OFF OR have custom projections created for any new show not in our inventory for 20% OFF.

Don't Think You Qualify?

If you are still interested in discounts but don't think that you will qualify for our community theatre connections program, please sign up for our mailing list below to receive a discount coupon for 15% off any of the projections in our library.

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