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The Full Monty - Scenic Projections

The Full Monty - Scenic Projections

Enhance Your "The Full Monty" Production with SLShowTech's Scenic Projections



Immerse your audience in the raw and heartwarming world of "The Full Monty" with our collection of 24 meticulously designed scenic projections from SLShowTech. Each image is crafted to capture the essence of the show, bringing the humor, struggle, and triumphs of the characters to life, ensuring a visually stunning experience that complements the show's compelling narrative.


Evocative Visuals:

Our projections transport the audience to the heart of Sheffield, echoing the story's themes of friendship, resilience, and self-discovery. From the industrial landscapes and intimate interiors to the hilarious and touching moments, each projection is designed to resonate emotionally with the audience, helping to tell the story in a visually compelling manner.


Comprehensive Scene Coverage:

With 24 images, our collection offers a wide range of visuals, covering every significant moment of "The Full Monty." These projections provide a cohesive and visually appealing backdrop for each scene, ensuring a smooth narrative flow through the uplifting and humorous journey of the characters.


High Quality and Affordability:

Priced at $299, SLShowTech’s commitment to quality is evident in our projections, maintaining a high standard of excellence while being budget-friendly. We are dedicated to providing exceptional visuals that allow even the most ambitious productions to feature premier imagery without exceeding their budget.


Transform your staging of "The Full Monty" with SLShowTech's Scenic Projections. Captivate your audience with the heartwarming and humorous atmosphere of this beloved musical through our high-quality, affordable, and transformative visuals. Create a memorable theatrical experience that captures the emotional and comedic depth of your production, making "The Full Monty" a truly remarkable event.


Please note: This scene pack has been created using advanced AI technology. It is distinct from our handcrafted 3D animated scenic projections and does not include any animation. We remain committed to delivering quality in all our offerings.

Animated? NO

Format: PNG

Copyright SLShowTech 2023 - All Rights Reserved


Transform Your Next Show with SLShowTech’s Customizable 3D Animated Scenic Projections

Key Benefits:
  • Complete Show Package: Our projections package offers script accurate 3D animated projections for the entirety of the show, encompassing all scenes and transitions.

  • Depth and Engagement: Crafted in 3D, our projections introduce an unprecedented level of depth to your stage. Our fully animated designs will bring your audience closer to the story, creating a visually rich and engaging experience.

  • Seamless Transitions: Bid farewell to jarring blackouts. By creating all of our scenic projections in 3D, this enables seamless transitions from one scene to the next, ensuring continuous immersion while facilitating smooth set changes. For instance, travelling from the theatre to the Gypsy Tea Kettle for 42nd Street? Our projections will walk your audience down the streets of bustling 1933 NYC to get there.

  • Script Accuracy: Our projections aren't just about aesthetics; they respect and complement your script. Based on the official show script, we ensure that all of our projections are script accurate.

  • Save Time: Enjoy a hassle-free production. We take care of the entire projection creation and pre-programming process, aligned with your script and creative vision. Simply log into our ShowOne app, press 'GO', and watch your stage come alive, allowing you to focus more time on your show and less time on tech.

  • Cost Efficiency: With our digital solutions, bid goodbye to bulky physical sets and props. Not only does this save on storage and transportation, but it also opens up avenues for grander, more dynamic staging.

  • Unlimited Creativity: Why be bound by physical limitations? From bustling cities to dreamy landscapes, let your imagination guide your stage.

  • Real-Time Customization: ShowOne empowers you with instant changes to your projections, eliminating the need for costly edits or having to wait! Make unlimited edits to our 3D digital scenes on the spot to realize your creative vision - since after all, every show is different.

What Our Clients Say:

“We could not have asked for better service. Excellent communication throughout...” -Michael V., The Golden Chain Theatre

“Customer service was great, response time was very quick, and we loved the end result.” -Marsha N., British Academy of Performing Arts

"Nick and Diane went above and beyond to customize our show projections for the script's needs..." -Marc B., Cold Spring Harbor High School

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Find A Projector - Starting at $1195/wk for 7K Lumen Projector

Formats & Delivery:

Our projections are available via the ShowOne app for a seamless, hassle-free experience. Alternatively, we offer HD .mp4 videos compatible with projection software like QLab or ProPresenter. Choose the delivery method that works best for your production needs.


5 hours of edits are included with every full show package, so long as we are provided 2 weeks of notice before delivery. After that, additional edits cost $40/hr or you can use our ShowOne app to make unlimited edits for free! Our ShowOne app is included for free with every purchase.

Scene List:

While our interactive scene list includes image samples from each scene, all of our projections are fully animated. The scene lists previews also do not depict any illustrations, logos, split screens, or other overlays. For a comprehensive preview of our fully animated projections for the entire show, please request a full video preview.


Recognizing budgetary constraints, our projections are competitively priced for venues with under 1500 seating. For larger venues, kindly reach out for a customized quote. Also, please check out our Community Theatre Connections Program or sign up for our Mailing List if you are interested in discounts.

Intellectual Property:

All scenic projections are copyrighted by SLShowTech © 2024 - all rights reserved.

Use of Artificial Intelligence:

Please note, depending on the show, AI may be used to create a small selection of elements in the show such as static overlays or textures.

Seeking More Insights? Dive into our FAQs page or explore the ShowOne page for comprehensive details.

Ready to Transform Your Show?

How to Get Started:

  • Price Quote: Drop us a message or click here and we will promptly provide you with a detailed quote.

  • Quote Acceptance & Contract: Upon agreement, we'll forward a contract. Please fill in your show details, sign, and we'll countersign.

  • Payment: Convenient online payments through the invoice or checks are welcome.

  • Creation & Delivery: For new shows, we'll work with the official show script, sending samples and a final preview as we go. Your feedback is vital. If we have your show in our collection, expect quick delivery.


Reach out at or through our contact form. Let's bring your vision to life.

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