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Transform your stage with ease using our affordable scenic projection packages and comprehensive projector and gear packages. Engage your audience with the magic of visual storytelling through our meticulously crafted & script-accurate digital scenes.


Our ShowOne app empowers you with the tools to tailor each scene seamlessly to your artistic vision and run your entire production (projections, lighting, sound, and more!) all from a single computer. Reach out to us to discover how you can elevate your next production with just a few clicks!

Home: Welcome
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View Our New Scene Library

Over 4000 Scenes & 200 Shows! Starting at $19.99/image & $199/show before discounts.

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At SLShowTech, our mission is to produce high quality scenic projections that are affordable for everyone.


With deep roots in the theatre community, we are very conscious of budget restrictions. We realize most theatres do not have the budget to pay thousands for projections for one show, which is why we make our scenic projections available for any show for $600 or less. 

Why Directors Choose Us:

Transform Your Stage with 3D Animated Projections: Our comprehensive full show packages infuse your productions with unparalleled depth, offering dynamic 3D transitions, captivating special effects, and immersive interactivity that brings every scene to life.

Budget-Friendly: While we maintain uncompromised quality, we're dedicated to making our projections affordable.

Script-Accurate: Never compromise on your narrative. Our scenes are meticulously crafted according to the official show scripts, taking any guesswork out of the equation.

Instant Customization: Say goodbye to the restrictive nature of static backdrops. Our ShowOne app allows you to tweak and transform scenes in real-time, allowing you to perfectly align every scene with your creative vision. Since every show is different after all!


Mean Girls 3D Animated Scenic Projections - Prom Scene

Mean Girls
High School Edition

The Little Mermaid 3D Animated Scenic Projections - Ariel's Grotto

The Little Mermaid

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Disney's Descendants: The Musical


TheatreBloom ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ , Children's Playhouse of Maryland, Anastasia, October 2023.

"The most impressive piece of the show’s scenery is the train carriage; a wooden skeletal frame structure with seats that showcases the number “We’ll Go From There” with the moving projections of being on train tracks carving their way through the Russian mountains to Paris..."

Anastasia 3D Animated Scenic Projections - Ballroom
Anastasia 3D Animated Scenic Projections - Train Ride


Explore our 3D animated projection packages, which are fully animated, offer 3D transitions, and allow you to customize every scene to your liking. All 3D animated packages can be delivered as HD videos or through our ShowOne LIVE app, where you can interact with our projections in real-time and instantly make adjustments to ensure they perfectly align with your production.


We understand that every production is unique, and we are dedicated to providing you with the tools to personalize every digital scene to match your creative vision.

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Step into a whole new world of visuals with our expansive scene library of over 4000 brand new scenic projections, ideal for enriching your theatrical productions. Offering a wide array of high-quality images, you can select from show-specific packs starting at $199 or individual scenes at just $19.99 each.


These crystal clear images, available in up to 4K resolution, are yours to keep forever, providing the perfect backdrop to every performance. Mix and match at your hearts content to create the perfect projections for your show. If you cannot find a scene, please reach out to us for prompt and personalized assistance.